Brainless Boys

Two friends, one intelligent and the other a lazy anime fan, are trying and experimenting with new things without any roadmap or knowing where they will lead us. But that is the best part of life—the surprise element. This “surprise” makes life more exciting and livable, wouldn’t you agree?

As Itachi once said in Naruto Shippuden:
"No matter who you are, you do not truly know what kind of man you've become until you reach the very end."


I once read these lines in the book "Show Your Work" by Austin Kleon:
"If you want people to know about what you do and the things you care about, you have to share."
"When you find something you genuinely enjoy, don't let anyone else make you feel bad about it.”
-Austin Kleon

One could say that I am seeking out like-minded people, people with whom I can share my thoughts and know them better. I am well aware of the fact that I am not good at writing, but as they say, everything starts somewhere, so my friend and I are starting this from here.

What to Expect:

This website will provide simple yet useable web tools to enhance your productivity. You will also find engagingly written, beautiful blogs — beautiful because I will be writing them — untouched by AI technology. The world is changing fast, and I know the internet is already flooding with robotic content. People post AI content like bacteria in water, multiplying it day by day., but I believe only humans can capture the depth and emotion in writing. So, rest assured, as long as I run this site, no AI tech will mess with my blogs.

Lastly, I want to say, join us on this journey of growth and support this website. Together, let us make it thrive!